Nina Catharina Markus

I’m an oldschool hand drawing illustrator using the materials I had as a child: paper, pencil, charcoal, ink. Being inspired by animals that come in many shapes and shades. By making them visible, I’m giving them a voice. Only in black and white, the naked true, so you’re not distracted by color. But always with a bit of humor. So on one hand I love the realistic and natural representation that reflects reality like a mirror. For that I observe and absorb. On the other hand I’m boundlessly obsessed with dreams and the subconscious mind. Surrealism is an inspiration to me. I wonder how I can give shape to that what’s beyond reality. I’m looking for my own interpretation of the images I receive when I close my eyes.
In 2019 I graduated from the art academy and I’m currently working on a inkdrawn serie illustrations depicting animals on a toilet.