José Quintanar
@ josequintanar_artist

José Quintanar (Madrid, Spain, 1984) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He is an artist with a background in comics, and architecture. Using the book as principle format of his work, José Quintanar explores the possibilities of the drawing as a game and the ways that the drawing appears as a primary method to establish processes and protocols from rudimentary rules.

José has released several full-length comics and artists´ books including Conociendo a Jari, Grundfunken, Fartlek and Culto Charles. His drawings have been published in The New York Times, Nieves, Fantagraphics, Vice, Esquire, kuš! Komikss, Fulgencio Pimentel, Editions Misma, Fosfatina and many more. His work has been exhibited in galleries in New York, Paris, London, Rotterdam, Madrid, Porto, and Berlín.

He founded an independent publishing house RUJA PRESS, together with Chinese artist Ruohong Wu.

Ph.D. Candidate at UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA MADRID, where he is actually researching about narrative structures and artist´s books.